A complete range of first-class decking and Oxfordshire outdoor joinery solutions. Backed by more than 35 years’ experience, we’re proud to have worked on hundreds of projects across the region.

We specialise in flexible and durable decking installations in a wide variety of materials. All decking projects are carried out to high standards, resulting in a safe and stunning outdoor feature to enjoy throughout the year.

Composite decking Oxfordshire

Composite decking

An affordable alternative to hardwood, our Oxfordshire composite decking combines robust durability with minimal long-term maintenance requirements.

Composite decking is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, including realistic wood grain. Child friendly and sustainable, composite decking combines many of the benefits of hardwood decking at a significantly lower price. It is resistant to warping and splitting, while eliminating the requirement for a periodic staining.

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Hardwood decking

Considered the gold standard for outdoor spaces, hardwood decking is unrivalled in its exclusivity and appeal. Our Oxfordshire hardwood decking is sourced from slow-growing trees like oak and ash, resulting in an exceptionally durable installation with an extensive lifespan.

With periodic maintenance, hardwood decking can last as long as 50 years – more than any comparable decking material. Despite a higher initial cost, hardwood decking represents unbeatable long-term value for money. A cost-effective investment in practicality, enjoyment and visual appeal for many decades to come.

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Hardwood decking Oxfordshire
Softwood decking Oxfordshire

Softwood decking

The highest quality softwood decking features many of the attributes of hardwood decking, at a lower cost. Responsibly sourced from fast-growing evergreen trees, our Oxfordshire softwood decking is durable, versatile and immaculately presented.

With periodic maintenance, softwood decking can last up to 30 years. This makes softwood an ideal budget-friendly option for bringing the beauty of real wooden decking into your exterior spaces at an affordable price.

We exclusively supply and install the highest-quality softwood decking in Oxfordshire. All of which can be manufactured and fitted in many configurations to suit your requirements and budget.

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