As an experienced local roofing contractor in Oxfordshire, our skilled roofing team brings more than 35 years of collective experience to each project, enabling us to consistently produce outstanding results. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your existing roof, we provide roofing solutions in Oxfordshire for all types of homes.

Cut roofs Oxfordshire

Cut roofs

A traditional approach to roof design, cut roof installation involves the precise cutting, shaping and fitting of all primary components on-site without prefabrication.

Our cut roofing in Oxfordshire is of the highest quality, with first class joinery work and materials used throughout. It is also the preferred option where crane access is restricted or when the resulting space is to be used as a functional room.

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Trussed roofs

A trussed roof differs from a cut roof as much of the framework is prefabricated prior to delivery. This can significantly reduce the overall duration of the construction project and costs.

Trussed roofs have the potential to be just as durable, robust and visually appealing as cut roofs. Using the highest-quality roofing materials, we are able to take on periodic repairs and maintenance through to major structural renovations.

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Trussed roofs Oxfordshire
Flat roofs Oxfordshire

Flat roofs

A well-designed flat roof can be an aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient
alternative to a traditional sloped roof.

Versatile, easy to maintain and cost-effective, flat roofs can be manufactured and installed using a wide variety of natural and composite materials, while creating an additional functional space for your home such as a rooftop garden.

Flat roofing has the potential to be the most affordable option for a residential or commercial property in Oxfordshire, with lower repair and maintenance costs.

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