Cladding provides protection to exterior walls from water damage and the elements, while maximising the visual appeal of your home. Available in a wide variety of materials we offer a full range of external cladding solutions in Oxfordshire for all types of residential and commercial properties.

Hardwood cladding Oxfordshire

Hardwood cladding

One of the most popular materials for cladding in Oxfordshire, hardwood combines exceptional durability with presentation.

Hardwood is typically much darker in appearance than softwood, though can be finished in a range of colours to suit all types of homes.

Robust, weatherproof and fire resistant, hardwood cladding is considered the highest standard for exterior property cladding. From periodic cladding repairs to the installation of cladding for new-build properties, we have the ideal cladding solution for your property.

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Softwood cladding

Lighter in appearance than hardwood, our Oxfordshire softwood cladding offers beautiful results and longevity at a lower price. Softwood cladding is also highly resistant to bacteria, fungi, moisture and pest infestation, making it a great choice for protecting your home or business.

Our softwood cladding solutions represent the ultimate in cost-effective quality for exterior home improvements. We exclusively use the highest-quality softwoods from sustainable sources, covered by our extensive warranty.

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Softwood cladding Oxfordshire
Composite cladding Oxfordshire

Composite cladding

Unlike traditional timber cladding, composite cladding is almost 100% maintenance-free. Depending on the quality of the materials, our premium composite cladding in Oxfordshire can have a lifespan of up 25 years.

Contemporary composite cladding can be finished to provide the same visual appeal of timber cladding. Available in wide variety of colours and finishes composite cladding can complement the exterior of any home or business.

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Cement board cladding

Fibre cement cladding is the material of choice for many construction companies and architects. Combining minimal maintenance requirements with lightweight properties, cement board cladding is easy to install and exceptionally durable.

Our high-quality cement board cladding in Oxfordshire is comprehensively fire resistant, while providing all-round protection from the worst of the elements. An affordable and eco-friendly solution to bring an additional layer of protection to your home, while significantly boosting its aesthetic appeal.

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Cement board cladding Oxfordshire

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